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5 Best Resistance Band Exercises For Baseball Players


If you are a Baseball player, there shouldn’t be anything more important than having the perfect body fitness required to play correctly. That means working out a lot and developing the best arms in order to throw and bat properly, with strength and effectiveness.

In every baseball position, especially the pitcher one, having a great throw is one of the most important features. However, to develop a proper throwing speed and strength, you will have to train your arm a lot, and that means being susceptible to injuries, shoulder problems, and muscle conditions.

But all of this can be avoided if you train correctly with one of the best workout accessories you can think of… a Resistance Band for Baseball!

What to Do To Avoid Arm Problems

Even though Resistance Bands are great partners of a healthy arm for baseball, there are certain things that should both avoid and do in order to have a healthier arm and prevent any arm trouble that could get you out of the field – and we know that’s the thing you want the least!

  • Here are four basics to take into account every time you train:
  • Don’t exaggerate when training your throwing
  • Always take a rest after sometimes to avoid over-charging on the shoulder
  • Throw with proper mechanics and avoid any trouble with your shoulder or elbow
  • Strengthen your arm and shoulder muscles around the rotator cuff. This would help you have a better technique and eventually protecting your elbow and shoulder ligaments that are most likely to get injured.
  • Always stretch correctly before training your throwing

To find out even more about techniques to avoid arm injuries and some routines to develop a healthy arm to play baseball – take a look further at this article!

Why Resistance Bands?

According to the information we found from Best Resistance Bands Reviews, Resistance Bands for Baseball are one of the most useful and easy ways to train your arm and at the same time to avoid any trouble that could come up from workout routines that harm your shoulders and elbows. They are wonderful because they help you at both strengthening your arm and stretching it before any throwing routine.

They are preferably used when the person doesn’t have the time or money for a gym and needs a better option to develop that arm correctly. In these cases, a Resistance Band will be the best option, not only because they help you to warm-up correctly before any training, but because they can actually help you tone up and give your arm more power and effectiveness.

This is so true about resistance bands for Baseball players, especially pitchers around the world are starting to use them before, during or after their throwing sessions to improve its effects. With just a little time a day, using a resistance band can help a lot to develop a healthy and more resistant arm to play baseball and avoid injuries.

Thanks to the perfect motion they give to the arm when training, resistance bands help a lot to develop a proper throwing style and arm health. Using the following exercises to do with a Resistance Band for Baseball, we assure you will have fewer problems with your arm, and at the same time, you will get more strength and effectiveness with your throwing.

5 Baseball Resistance Bands Exercises

1. Row

• Tie up your resistance band to a fence or just anything at chest-height.
• Stand to face towards the fence and with feet at shoulder width
• Hold the end of your resistance band that isn’t tied up
• Straighten the band and take a few steps back until it is tense

a) Extend your arms and pull the resistance band towards your chest
b) Keep the elbows close to the body at each side
c) Pull the band until each hand is even with the torso on each rep
d) You can do it with both hand or just one at the same time
e) Do at least 15 reps and 2 – 3 sets

2. Internal Elbow Rotation

This exercise is the best for your forearm muscles. With this one, you will be able to stretch your elbow motion by adjusting your band to an elbow or belly button height. This exercise is great for both arms.

• Hold a resistance band on your throwing hand
• Stay in a way that your body is perpendicular to the fence
• Let your throwing shoulder be closest to the fence
• Stay away from the fence a few steps until the band tenses
• Point your hand to the fence with the band
• Let your upper arm touch the side of your torso

a) Hold the handle of the band and pull-in
b) Pull until your hand faces upwards or your upper arm touches your stomach
c) Always stay in position and never let your arm be pulled by the band
d) Do at least 2 sets of 15 reps

3. External Elbow Rotation

Just like the internal elbow rotation, this one helps at making your forearm more strong and stretch your elbows a little.

• Just like the internal one, just turn around 180 degrees until the other shoulder is closest to the fence
• Now, take the handle of the band with your throwing hand
• The upper arm should be close to the body and the upper arm at belly button height, perpendicular to the floor and almost touching your stomach

a) Rotate your arm backward away from your body
b) Your hand should face the opposite side of the fence
c) Return to starting position and repeat without moving the arm
d) Do at least 2 sets of 15 reps

4. Shoulder Rotation Forward

This exercise works your shoulders, upper arms and upper back if done correctly. This exercise helps stretch your rotator cuff and your elbow because it simulates the motion of a throw. A wonderful exercise for your shoulder!


• Attach the band to a fence or any other unmovable object at eye level
• Stand parallel to the fence and grab the handle of the band
• Face the other way of the fence
• Stand farther away from the fence to add a little more tension to your shoulder and arm


a) With the band on your hand, move your arm to your side until your forearm is parallel to the floor and the forearm is bent 45 degrees looking up
b) Keeping your whole arm still, move your forearm forwards
c) Apply more tension until your hand faces upwards
d) Rotate it to the starting point
e) Do at least 2 sets of 15 reps

5. Shoulder Rotation Backward

Just like the previous one, this exercise works perfectly to work out both your shoulder and stretching your elbow. Also, it is totally easy!

• Keep your throwing hand with the band handle
• Turn around 180 degrees until you face the fence
• Stand parallel to the fence and keep the arm at the same level and form

a) Now, put your upper arm close to your body
b) Without moving your upper arm, move your forearm
c) Your forearm should be at 45 degrees and be parallel to the floor
d) Repeat and repeat slowly to add more tension
e) Do at least 2 set of 15 reps

Watch This For More Resistance Band Exercises

Working Out is never a Waste of Time!

If you are a baseball player, you should be more than aware that working out is actually one of the best things for your body and performance. What’s more, a good workout routine will even improve everything on the field, from your resistance to your strength, especially when we talk about throwing.

That’s why we’ve decided to make this article to show you how much a resistance band for Baseball can help you improve your throwing and your training routine, as they can help you stretch your arms, shoulders, and elbow and muscles plus other advantages that are not available with other accessories like these.

So, why don’t you try these 5 exercises with resistance bands to improve your throwing at baseball? Give it a chance we assure you total satisfaction in both your resistance and strength that will get you play even better in the field. Try them NOW!

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