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How To Become a Five-Tool Player In Baseball



Usually, players placed at same positions are judged through their skills like average hitting, power of strike, ability to run, ability to field and strength of arms.

Listed below are some instructions that will help a person to become good at all five tools.

What the Selectors Want

It varies by the organizations, but usually talent of baseball teams is usually measured by rating scale of 20-80. The classification of point distribution has numbers from 2 to 8, and examination of each skill is done strictly.

Adding each number and then multiplying it by 2 gives Overall Future Potential, which makes the player a future star if he scores above 65, and if he scores 50 he will be marked as regular player.

Hitting Skills

Great players like Ichiro Suzuki and Tony Gwynn are not players with all five skills, but both are top all-time hitters.

A simple advice to strike a lofty average is to grip the bat properly. With center knuckles nearly lined up this enables the hands to respond to pitch with no trouble.

For swift reactions keep knuckles lined up.


Hitting is famed to a certain point, but in reality, every team needs more defensive players.

A great team is when defenders help in stopping runs of opposing team and hitters can contribute in scoring more runs.

Working on catching and running skills can make a player better defender.

Utilizing Power for Hitting

Albert Pujols exercises each day but the most important thing hitters have is attitude.

The strength draws closer when batter is stationary, balanced and prepared to hit the approaching pitch.

Keep head in position and flow in swing.


With a high speed running ability, it makes the other tools even more lethal. In 4.1 seconds it is not very easy to approach the line.

By observing situational methods of running, a person can be better at running, and also can become good in judging and taking action for catching balls.

In order to get better at running, study best base runners.

Strength in Arms


Raul Mondesi is remembered when someone talks about arm strength because of the strength of his right arm, he made it hard for opponent teams to reach from 1st to 3rd plate on a single strike.

With a strong arm, a person can overcome the deficiency of speed; it will make the time to reach for the ball longer but will keep runners on watch.

An arm could be kept strong by working out at a gym so that the people know about player’s value.

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