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A number of boys dream of being successful in Major league without even thinking of sweat, sacrifice and tears required to fulfill that dream. Baseball is a difficult game to get perfect, but if a person is motivated, hardworking, true to himself, and decides a goal and works passionately for it, he could accomplish his dreams of childhood.

It Requires Time

In order to be a great baseball player a person must do many repetitions which are known as reps in the language of game. Sports science reveals that when a skilled fastball is pitched even half trajectory of the pitch at the plate is not visible to the batter and the swing is executed by the player’s guess here the reps are useful. A person should know exactly where the ball will come so that he could hit the ball. And that sense can only be build up if a person performs thousands of reps. That can be achieved if a person starts at young age and practices by playing as much as possible, and by staying dedicated and prepared to give up time for friends.

Sharpen Your Skills

In baseball players are judged on the basis of five main skills, the ability to catch a ball, running speed, arms strength, average hits and hitting power. In top players all of these five qualities can be seen easily. After practicing for nearly thousand reps a person can judge at what point he is best. Give as much time possible to these five tools and get a qualified coach to get better at these skills.

Train to Become a Professional


Become a Professional Grade Athlete

Baseball is a game made from line of different movements and progressing requires rest and improvement. A batter is not usually seen exhausted from swinging excessively because this game doesn’t require only swimming and jogging what it requires is a lot of exercise in the gym mainly, developed shoulder strength and total body strength.

Come Into the Eyes of Selectors

Make a way to pro game and avail the chance of getting seen by a MLB organization. Mostly people are selected by scouts of Major League and some get recommended by earlier professionals. Keep participating in tryouts, search deeply and locate decision makers and try to get witnessed by them or if a person has courage he can simply demand to get seen. Baseball requires best of the best so if a person is good enough he will get the chance to be a major league player.

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